The hotel is situated on its own 18-acre farm on the south-facing slope of a small valley.

In the immediate surroundings of the hotel, there are small landscaped areas planted with a wide range of ornamental plants and areas where it is possible to sit and relax enjoying the surrounding scenery.

Two of our own favorite spots is the picnic area and the terrace from where one can enjoy incredible views!

The farm is an EEC registered organic farm. It is managed so as to maintain and increase the diversity of flora and fauna and preserve traditional farming practices. To graze the meadows the farm owns a flock of the rare sheep breed “xaldas” and belongs to “ACOXA” the association responsible for preserving the race. The Xalda sheep (of Celtic origin) are the true indigenous sheep of Asturias.

On our farm, two Asturcon ponies help create a mixed grazing system, more in keeping with the principles of organic farming.

Six acres of the farm is dedicated to the production of cider apples, cider being the regional drink. The apple orchards are non-intensive and planted with carefully selected traditional Asturian varieties.