Non-flying travel options


National Express ( operate a long-distance bus service from London Victoria to Oviedo, taking 27 hours (changing in Paris, where there is a two and a half hour wait at a rather unpleasant station - there are better cafes a few minutes walk away). There's one departure per day (at 08:00) in summer, every second day in spring and autumn, and none over the winter. Although the coach runs to Oviedo, from where there are several buses per day to Arriondas (3km from the hotel), it also stops in Llanes, one and a half hours before Oviedo, from where there are buses ( and trains ( to Arriondas (see below). National Express also offer overnight coaches from around the UK to get you to London Victoria on time. Long-distance buses make occasional stops at motorway service-stations.


Eurostar ( run fast trains from London St. Pancras to Paris Nord, taking only two and a half hours (as opposed to eight hours by bus), and there are plenty of departures through the day. The prices are high though, but you should be able to get cheap fares well in advance if you are flexible. Trains in the UK to get you to London (or wherever) can be booked through - prices vary greatly, so be flexible.

Trains across France can be booked through Trains depart from Paris Austerlitz or Montparnasse 1 et 2 (allow adequate time to change stations on the Paris metro, at least one and a half hours), and run to Hendaya/Irun, on the French-Spanish border. Journey times range from 5 to 8 hours depending on the type of train. "Corail lunea" trains offer bunkbeds for overnight travel, which are very comfortable, probably the best night's sleep of any bus or train option. Fares vary greatly, so look well in advance, keep looking, and be flexible. Hendaya is on the French side of the border, and Irun on the Spanish side - they are 5 minutes apart, and all the trains run through to Irun.
The tricky part is getting along the north coast of Spain to Arriondas. It is possible to travel by train from Irun to León, change trains, then on to Oviedo, to change trains again, and through to Arriondas, but it's a circuitous and time-consuming route. To do this, see for the journey to Oviedo, then from Oviedo to Arriondas. Renfe is Spain's national train network, and Feve is the narrow-gauge line that runs along the north coast. The faster, cheaper, and easier way is to take a bus from Irun train station ( - there is a booking office in the station, with café and waiting room, and the buses leave from just outside) to Oviedo, Ribadesella, or Llanes, and there's even one bus per day to Arriondas itself (8 hours).


There are three routes available from the UK to the north of Spain - Plymouth to Santander (20 hours), Portsmouth to Santander (24 hours), and Portsmouth to Bilbao (28 hours). These routes are now all operated by Brittany Ferries ( Onboard accommodation options, and therefore prices, depend on the actual boat making the crossing. Brittany Ferries may offer reclining seats (all their boats have them, but sometimes only the cabins can be booked on-line), which are the cheapest option. Cabins are for either 2 or 4 people, and you pay per cabin not per bed, so it's pricey for 1 or 3 people. Ferries can be preferable to bus or train, with lots of deck space on which to walk in the fresh air, plus a restaurant, café, bar, cinema, and other entertainment.

There are 2 buses per day from Santander to Arriondas (two and a half hours), 5 per day to Ribadesella (2 hours), 10 to Llanes (one and a half hours), and even more to Oviedo (3 hours). Bilbao is 2 hours further away from the hotel, with fewer services to the area, though there is one bus per day to Arriondas. All train services ( from Bilboa or Santander to Oviedo pass through and stop in Arriondas, if you fancy the slow scenic option. Trains from Bilbao to Arriondas take either 6 or 11 hours depending on the connection in Santander, and there are two per day. Trains from Santander take 3 hours, and again there are two per day. In Santander the bus, train, and ferry terminals are conveniently located within five minutes walk of each other (unlike in Plymouth).

The final push.

The hotel is 3km outside Arriondas, the only options being to walk or take a taxi. There are buses ( from Oviedo (one hour and a quarter to the west), Ribadesella (nearby on the coast), and Llanes (one hour to the east). They run from Oviedo roughly every hour through the day; Llanes has fewer services than Oviedo; and although Ribadesella is only 25 minutes away, it has slightly fewer bus services than Llanes, and the buses from Paris and Irun don't always stop there. There are also trains ( from all three places, which are slower but cheaper, and less frequent (but more pleasant than the bus!). Note that the bus and train stations in Ribadesella are fifteen minutes walk apart, and in Llanes they are twenty minutes apart.

Travelling with a bicycle.

Trains in the UK will take bikes for free, but they need booking in advance, usually by telephone at the time of booking your tickets on-line, or at the station when buying tickets. Brittany Ferries charge a small fee for taking bikes, but P&O don't charge. In Spain, the Feve trains take bikes for free and without prior booking - push it onboard yourself, and stow it in the wheelchair section. Alsa buses will take bikes, but they charge almost as much as for an extra passenger - you may need to take the front wheel off, and put it into the hold yourself.

Travelling from elsewhere.

For travelling within Spain see for bus times (Alsa are by far the biggest company serving Asturias) and for train times. Don't forget the narrow-gauge railway running along the north coast from Bilbao to Galicia -

For travelling from elsewhere in Europe see for trains, and for long-distance bus services. A good website for finding out about train routes in Europe and worldwide is ("the man in seat 61").