Great Walking


Asturias offers a huge range of excellent walking opportunities; from people looking for a gentle stroll, to serious walkers looking for a challenging high mountain trek.

On these pages we give an introduction to the walking opportunities in Asturias, with brief descriptions, maps and gps tracks.

We can help advise guests on the best and most suitable walks according to their walking abilities and the weather conditions, as well as provide information on any recent occurrences which may affect the walk.

Sustainability in Practise

Sustainability in practise

As a family business we take sustainability seriously and put it into practice by: doing, learning and evolving.

We are constantly doing different projects and initiatives that we feel help drive the hotel and farm towards a sustainable and viable business.

We are learning by doing, by being part of local and international learning partnerships and by hosting programs on sustainable practices and ecological thinking.

This leads us to continually be evolving, up to date,  trying to be as coherent as possible with our dreams.

Courses and Events

Courses and Events by Gaia y Sofia

At hotel Posada del Valle we host workshops, courses, farm open days and retreats.

In Collaboration with Gaia y Sofia we  wish to offer participants unique and unforgettable experiences.

The Earth Pilgrims Retreat with Satish Kumar was a the first event organized by Gaia y Sofia in October 2010 at Hotel Posada del Valle. Since then we have developed a series of ongoing courses and workshops as well as new events every year.

More to do


There are many ways to enjoy Asturias; with a wide range of outdoor activities, museums and historical sites to visit as well as large cities and small villages to discover.

Enjoy Asturias


Asturias has some of the most beautiful and varied landscapes in the whole of Spain.

The amazing variety of undisturbed natural habitats from coastal to subalpine provides an extraordinary diversity of fauna and flora

High mountains, rolling hills, traditional farmland, protected forests, rivers, coastal cliffs and beaches are waiting to be enjoyed and make an ideal environment for practicing many different activities.

Hotel, Farm & Food


We are a small family hotel with a friendly atmosphere enjoying spectacular views of the mountains and countryside.