Canoe descent of the River Sella

Starting at Arriondas you can choose between a descent of; 6, 10 or 14 kms depending on how far you want to go.


Surfing is very popular in the North of Spain, with the Cantabrian sea.

Horse Riding

It’s possible to do any length of ride from a gentle 1 hour ride for beginners through the local countryside to spending the whole day horse riding.

Sea Kayaking

This is a truly stunning and very different way of seeing the dramatic Asturian coast line.


Asturias has a long Fishing tradition

Mountain Bikes

At the hotel we have 2 mountains bikes for guests use but it is also possible to rent mountain bikes in Arriondas and go on an organized route.


When Paragliding your free flying and for a few moments you can experience that amazing sensation of feeling like a bird


Rafting involves descending a white water river in a large inflatable boat, manned by several people and accompanied by a guide.

Speleo canyoning

Here you will be following the course of a river through an underground cave system.


In the Eastern part of Asturias there are a large number of caves many of which are ideal for an introduction to caving.