How to get here

GPS Coordinates for Hotel: N 43º 24.581' - W 005º 11.899'

Flight options
Asturias or (misleadingly named) Oviedo Airport is the closest airport to the hotel at 105km and about 80 minutes by car. National flights connect with Madrid and Barcelona, and international flights connect with London Stanstead using Easyjet. It is relatively easy to get to Arriondas and the hotel from the airport by bus, changing once in Oviedo. 
Santander Airport is 160km and just under 2 hours drive away, and is connected to London Stanstead by Ryanair, as well as to Hahn ( Germany ) and Milan ( Italy ).
Bilbao Airport is 220km and a 2½ to 3 hour drive from the hotel, but offers a more extensive range of flights, including Easyjet, Airberlin, HLX, and BA, amongst others.
Carbon compensation: If you are considering carbon compensation for your flight journey you might like to look at the world land trust. This organization facilitates the maintainance and replanting of diverse forest habitat for conservation criteria, rather than investing in monocrops.
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Ferry connections
From the UK there are two ferry routes to North Spain:
LD operating from Gijon to Poole
Brittany Ferries operate a 24 hour crossing from Plymouth (or Portsmoth) to Santander.
As well as bringing your own car on the ferry, it is possible to travel as a foot passenger and hire a car at the ferry port, or use public transport to reach the hotel. There are slightly better public transport connections with Santander than Bilbao . In both cases you would use either the ALSA bus or the FEVE train service (see below).
Two types of trains service the region. RENFE connects Oviedo to Madrid and Barcelona, whilst along the north coast the slower narrow-gauge railway FEVE connects Bilbao to Oviedo via Santander and Arriondas.
It is possible to come from the UK to San Sebastian in the Basque country, changing at Paris, (see Seat61 ) but then it is necessary to take two different trains or buses to reach Arriondas. If you are interested in this possibility contact us directly for further information.
It is possibleThere is a fast and efficient ALSA bus service operating between Oviedo and many major cities including Madrid, Bilbao and Santander. The same company runs from Arriondas to Oviedo, Asturias airport, Bilbao, and Santander, and also from London to LLanes or Oviedo from London.  (see National Express)
Car hire
It is possible to have an enjoyable holiday at Hotel Posada del Valle without a car. There is a range of walks straight from the hotel door, and in combination with public transport, six full days of walking can be enjoyed. By using the scenic narrow-gauge railway and the bus services from Arriondas (2.5km from the hotel) it is also possible to travel to some of the nearby towns and coast, as well as the city of Oviedo . However, the public transport service is quite limited, and to explore many of the mountain areas a car is necessary. Car hire is available at: the Airports of Asturias , Santander and Bilbao ; the ferry ports of Santander and Bilbao ; the train station in Oviedo ; and the nearby towns of Cangas de Onis and Llanes.