The vegetable garden

Most of the vegetables we use in the hotel restaurant come from the vegetable garden where we grow them in harmony with nature.

No artificial fertilizers are used instead to maintain soil fertility we mulch with our own compost and sheep or horse manure. No pesticide are used either.

The vegetable garden is relatively small (about 700m2) but we get many different crops out of the small area by means of intercropping and having a quick turn round from one crop to another.

The vegetable garden is divided up into many different beds where we follow a four-year rotation, based on each crop-family’s disease potential and preferred soil fertility level.

From garden to kitchen is about 100m and we normally start picking the vegetables in the afternoon ready for the cooks to start preparing the evening meal.

Guests are welcome to come and visit the garden to see what’s growing and the different techniques we are using.