Realising that our grasslands have very high biodiversity value, in 2001 we began to manage an area adjacent to the hotel specifically for wildflower species - the Hotel Wildflower Meadow.

Following the success of this small meadow a couple of years later we also started managing another larger area the Castañarina for hay and wild flowers.

The hotel farm is part of the interactive and dynamic holiday experience we offer you. We have developed a sign-posted farm trail to allow you to enjoy and appreciate the contexts of hotel, farm, and landscape.



By following the trail you can learn about Asturian indigenous rare breeds, cider apple orchards, organic vegetable gardening, and traditional hay meadows, as well as enjoying the diverse flora and fauna of the area - but please remember that this is a working farm that needs to be treated with respect.

The Farm Flora Guide - a celebration of biodiversity.

To date, over 350 species of wildflower have been identified on the farm, all of which are portrayed in this book of colour photos, grouped into families, including details of where they can be found.
Farm Orchid guide -

Hotel Posada del Valle What We Do and Why by Nigel Burch