Farm in detail

The hotel is situated in its own 18-acre farm on the south-facing slope of a small valley. In the immediate surroundings of the hotel there are small landscaped areas planted with a wide range of ornamental plants and various terraces where it is possible to sit and relax enjoying the surrounding scenery. The farm is an EEC registered organic farm. It is managed so as to maintain and increase the diversity of flora and fauna and preserve traditional farming practices. Part of the farm is dedicated to traditional hay meadows and wild meadows where grazing is carefully controlled so as to encourage the development of a wide range of wild flowers. There is a farm trail which is normally open to guests.

To graze the meadows the farm owns a flock of the rare sheep breed "xaldas" and belongs to "ACOXA" the association responsible for preserving the race. The Xalda sheep (of Celtic origin) are the true indigenous sheep of Asturias. They came to the verge of extinction in the 1980's due to the introduction of new races more suitable to intensive stockbreeding. The Xaldas are a smaller rustic sheep more adapted to extensive grazing. The farm lambs are used in the Hotel restaurant and sold to specialist restaurants as "organic Xaldo lamb". The meat is fibrous but tender with less fat and slightly stronger in flavour. (More information In March 2004 we acquired 2 Asturcon ponies, this is the indigenous race of Asturias.  On our farm the ponies help create a mixed grazing system, more in keeping with the principals of organic farming. We therefore avoid grazing exclusively with sheep, which we had been doing for the previous 8 years. There are also chickens roaming in the meadows some of which are also the Asturian breed known as "Pita Pinta". There is also a vegetable garden to help supply the hotel with fresh organic vegetables. Many local varieties are grown and we produce are own seed to help maintain these varieties

Six acres of the farm is dedicated to the production of cider apples, cider being the regional drink.. The apple orchards are non-intensive and planted with carefully selected traditional asturian varieties. The apples are harvested in the autumn (when the hotel shuts) and are sold to local cider and juice producers. The natural organic apple juice we serve in the hotel comes from our own apple orchard. At present we do not make our own cider.  There are  many "chigres" or cider bars in the area where you can sample the drink.