Circular Walk in the Andara Massif

A very spectacular circular walk in the Eastern massif of the Picos with very varied scenery passing through farming land, beech forests and passes by the Andarrá refuge.

Lakes of Covadonga The Classic Circular Walk

The beautiful mountain lakes of Enol and Ercina are one of the main access points to the Picos de Europa.

Vega Ario and Jultayo

This classic Picos de Europa walk starts at Lake Ercina, and ascends to the Ario meadow ("vega"), high above the Cares gorge.

Mirador de Ordiales and Cotalba

Ordiales viewpoint is a rock balcony perched 1000m above the Angon valley and facing the Ponga Mountains, breathtaking! Another Piocs de Europa classic walk