Further Information

All the following are in Spanish unless otherwise stated.

Booksand Maps.

"El Sueve - una montaña con encanto", by Víctor Villar Pis,Publisher by Nadetur in 2004. Plenty of information about the Sueve,with 30 walking routes, and a mapof the area.

"Comarcadel Sueve", leaflet and map from the Asturian government.

"Asturias- Paraíso Natural - parques, reserves naturales, paisajesprotegidos", published by the government of Asturias in 2005; brief descriptions of all the parks in Asturias, with acceptable Englishtranslations.

Spanish military maps, published by "Servicio Geográfico del Ejército",1:25,000.


www.amigosdeltejo.org- information about yew trees in English and Spanish, on a very difficult to read website.

www.ruralasturias.com/caballos/asturcon/sierra-del-sueve- link to page about Asturcon ponies.

www.aemet.es- weather forecast from the Ministry of the Environment.

www.accuweather.com- world weather forecasts from an American site (in English) (search for Arriondas or Colunga).

www.asturnatura.com- Detailed Spanish website about the flora and fauna of Asturias. www.iberianature.com- English-language website about Spanish nature.