Driving Itineraries

This 90km circuit starting and finishing in Arriondas makes for a lovely relaxing days drive along winding country roads, taking in many ofthe highlights of Ponga Natural Park. The route proceeds: Arriondas - Sevares - Sellaño - possible detour to Taranes - Sobrefoz - possible detour to Ventaniella -San Juan de Beleño - Viego - Punte Vidosa - Cangas de Onís -Arriondas.

From Arriondas head east along the N634 to the small town of Sevares. Turn left here onto the AS 339,which climbs gradually until cresting the 654m summit of Collada Moandi pass. This marks the northern boundary of the park, and affords good views of the surrounding mountains. The road then descends to the village of Sellaño, the lowest point of the park.Turn right here and drive up the valley of the River Ponga heading along the AS261 sign posted to San Juan de Beleño. Detour- Coming from Sellaño, and soon after the kilometre 13 way-marker, you maywish to extend the route by turning right and climbing the extra 3kmto Taranes village, a picturesque settlement at the foot of imposing Tiatordos peak. There is a bar in the village.

Continuing along the AS261, take the right-hand turn just beyond the kilometre 14 way-marker, and follow road PO3 to the village of Sobrefoz ("above the waterfall"), instead of heading straight on for San Juan deBeleño. There is a bar in Sobrefoz. Detour- From Sobrefoz, another detour will take you 8km further south to the remote medieval inn and hermitage of Ventaniella - but be warned that this dead-end road deteriorates and becomes a gravel track 3kmbefore the inn.

From Sobrefoz follow signs to San Juan de Beleño. The road tunnelsthrough the rocky valley-side and passes a viewpoint which looks down the Ponga valley, before turning left to enter the main settlement and park headquarters of San Juan de Beleño (the right-hand turnclimbs to Viego, your next port of call). There are bars and placesto eat in the village. From here, follow the PO2 road up to Viego,crossing the 991m pass of Collada Llamarga Llomena on the way. From Viego the road descends to the deep Beyos Gorge, emerging at thebridge of Puente Vidosa, where there are bars and restaurants, and ashort walk to a waterfall. You are now on the N625, which drives north along the bottom of the Beyos Gorge, eventually emerging inCangas de Onís, a large and scenic town with many shops, bars and restaurants. From here it's a short run north back to Arriondas.