The main access route into Ponga Natural Park is the N625 road from Cangas de Onís, turning right onto the AS 261 at Santillán, which enters the park at Sellaño and continues to San Juan de Beleño (29km from Cangas deOnís). For access to Cangas de Onís please see the Access page inthe Picos de Europa section.

A second option is the AS339 road from Sevares across the Collada Moandi (654m), the pass which marks th e boundary of the park. The road continues to Sellaño and San Juan de Beleño (31km fromSevares). Sevares is a town on the main road (N634) between Oviedo and Arriondas.

The third and final option isto leave the N625 at Puente Vidosa in the Beyos Gorge, between Osejade Sajambre and Cangas de Onís, and take the PO-2 road through Viego. The road then crosses Collada Llamarga Llomena (a pass at991m), and passes the Les Bedules turn off before reaching San Juan de Beleño (26km from Oseja de Sajambre). Oseja de Sajambre can be approached from Riaño in León province across the pass of Pontón (1290m above sea level). Public transport into the park is extremely limited. Alsa ( operate one bus per day between Cangas de Onís and San Juan de Beleño, but only at certain times of the year (summer, Christmas,and Easter). Otherwise, the nearest bus station is Cangas de Onís(29km from san Juan de Beleño), and the nearest railway station is Arriondas (for narrow-gauge trains from Oviedo and Santander;Arriondas is 36km from San Juan de Beleño).