Ribadesella district

Ribadesella is another old attractive fishing port, somewhat smaller than Llanes. The town lies on the mouth of the River Sella, which divides it. On the eastern side of the river lies the old town and fishing harbour. 

On the western side lies the Santa Marina beach, which developed as a popular bathing resort at the turn of the century. There are still many examples of residential houses constructed in the "Belle epoch" period in an outstanding architectural style. We recommend the short circular walk along the eastern side of the River Sella to the headland and returning to the old town along the higher track, with wonderful views of the beach, the river Sells and both sides of the town. 

Also in Ribadesella are the famous caves of Tito Bustillo, with cave paintings of horse and deer from the middle Magdalenian period. These are well worth a visit, but check cave opening times and best arrival time so as to secure an entrance. The number of visitors entering the caves each day is strictly controlled.

The Vega beach West of Ribadesella is worth mentioning. This is a protected area due to its sand dunes and accompanying flora and fauna. There is very little development on this sandy beach, almost one kilometre long. It is nice to walk along, and excellent for experienced surfers, but can be dangerous for swimming. Just beyond the western limits of the Vega beach lie some of the most important deposits of Fluorite (Blue John) probably in the world. Amateurs and professionals still collect beautiful specimens from this area. Care should be taken when collecting minerals, and most of these old open mines are still under private ownership.